2m 17s 8080 flag Italy Transparent 298ms
2m 17s 8080 flag Albania Transparent 930ms
2m 18s 8080 flag Iran Elite 175ms
2m 19s 8080 flag India Transparent 195ms
2m 20s 8080 flag Austria Transparent 544ms
2m 20s 80 flag Italy Anonymous 58ms
2m 21s 8080 flag Iran Transparent 119ms
2m 21s 8080 flag Italy Transparent 125ms
2m 22s 3128 flag Hong Kong Transparent 264ms
2m 22s 8080 flag Republic of Moldova Transparent 594ms
2m 22s 8080 flag Italy Transparent 555ms
2m 24s 80 flag Hong Kong Elite 26ms
2m 24s 3128 flag Hong Kong Elite 46ms
2m 24s 8080 flag Hong Kong Transparent 117ms
2m 24s 8080 flag Iran Elite 134ms
2m 25s 8197 flag Hong Kong Elite 33ms
2m 25s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 953ms
2m 25s 8080 flag Poland Elite 735ms
2m 25s 8080 flag Hong Kong Elite 25ms
2m 25s 8080 flag Denmark Elite 53ms
2m 26s 8080 flag Republic of Korea Transparent 122ms
2m 26s 8080 flag Germany Elite 235ms
2m 27s 3128 flag Republic of Korea Transparent 36ms
2m 27s 8080 flag Syria Transparent 305ms
2m 27s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 96ms
2m 28s 8080 flag Romania Transparent 582ms
2m 32s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 586ms
2m 32s 8080 flag Spain Transparent 108ms
2m 32s 8080 flag Russia Transparent 563ms
2m 33s 8090 flag Poland Transparent 541ms
2m 35s 80 flag Colombia Anonymous 411ms
2m 36s 8080 flag Russia Transparent 110ms
2m 37s 80 flag France Elite 115ms
2m 38s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 211ms
2m 38s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 307ms
2m 39s 8080 flag Czechia Transparent 226ms
2m 40s 3128 flag Russia Transparent 42ms
2m 42s 3128 flag Russia Elite 62ms
2m 43s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 196ms
2m 45s 80 flag Russia Transparent 88ms
2m 46s 3128 flag Czechia Transparent 37ms
2m 46s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 598ms
2m 47s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 193ms
2m 50s 8080 flag Ukraine Elite 112ms
2m 53s 8080 flag Argentina Transparent 94ms
2m 56s 8080 flag Poland Transparent 160ms
2m 56s 65301 flag Bangladesh Elite 224ms
2m 56s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 303ms
2m 57s 8080 flag Ukraine Elite 98ms
2m 57s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 703ms
m s 0 flag 0ms